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Posted by Nir Zahavi on May 10, 2018 11:36:38 AM


We are excited today to launch Retreatify, Canada’s first service designed to simplify small and mid-sized team retreats.

Retreatify lets you BYOR (Build Your Own Retreat) at large luxury cottages and chalets across Ontario with Add-Ons such as catering, groceries upon arrival, in-home yoga, massage, cooking classes and private chef – in 5 minutes or less. All without breaking the bank.

Retreatify - A fresh take on team retreats

The Why

There is no denying it: we are living in the age of employee empowerment.

No longer is a paycheque and a pat on the back enough. Today’s employees need to feel appreciated, empowered, and inspired.

Having worked in tight-knit startup environments for the past decade, I was seeing this become more pronounced as the years progressed. My brother, Ron, was noticing the same trend, even though he was working in larger corporate settings.

Despite our disparate backgrounds, there was a clear common theme: everyone wants to feel valued. While this feeling isn’t exclusive to these times, it wasn’t until relatively recently that employee well-being and morale started becoming critical focal points for companies of all sizes.

We’ve both had the fortune of witnessing first-hand what happens when employees feel recognized, are engaged, and collectively driving towards a common goal. We’ve also had the misfortune of seeing what happens when they're taken for granted and the negative chain reactions that can follow.

For companies that prioritize employee well-being and morale, retreats have always been a popular way to unite their teams.

Between the two of us, we’ve been on a fair share of small, medium, and large team retreats. What we saw was that for larger teams with bigger budgets, there was no shortage of overseas retreat options, but for smaller teams that wanted to keep it local, the options were lacking in simplicity, quality, and affordability. 

While we enjoyed spending time with our colleagues on these retreats, the experiences felt repetitive, uninspired, and watered-down. They simply weren't created with modern employees in mind

Since so many companies rely on retreats as a means of improving team communication and morale, it was clear to us that this was an area in dire need of a fresh take.


"Retreatify has made planning amazing retreats a breeze. Every team we've sent has come back raving about the experience. If you're considering a team retreat, this is definitely the company you want to talk to!"

Hayley Taylor // VP Expansion Pack, Shopify

The How

Over the past 6 months, we've hosted and worked with over 60 companies, associations, and nonprofits to transform retreats into experiences their teams would truly appreciate. It was also important to us to make them easier to plan and more accessible for both growing and established organizations.

This process gave us the unique opportunity to develop the tools needed to easily assemble a retreat that could cater to a team's unique characteristics, simplify each step of the journey, and experience quality at every turn:


The Homes

Each Retreatify home has been designed with consistency in mind: beautiful large spaces, high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable beds, crisp linens, spacious meeting & dining areas, HDTVs, games, and more. A Retreatify home is a place where teams can go to innovate on quarterly offsites, strategize for the coming year, and host executive meetings - in a brand new way.


There are 4 main questions anyone planning a retreat must consider:

   1. Where are we going? 

   2. How are we getting there?

   3. What are we going to eat?

   4. What will we do there?

Our Homes & Add-Ons have been constructed in a way that gives you multiple options for each question. Staying true to the spirit of BYOR, you can choose as many or as few Add-Ons as you see fit.

But Wait, There's More!

We've taken it a step further by offering our Members flexible check-in times, 5-day property holds for internal sign-off, and the ability to seamlessly book multiple retreats at once. 

Whether you've planned 100 retreats or none at all, with Retreatify you can do it all in 5 minutes or less.


“Retreatify helped us save countless hours, money and stress when planning our retreat. Their level of service is simply unmatched and I haven't been able to stop recommending them to my colleagues! I see very big things ahead for this company.”

Morgan Claringbold // Account Specialist, EGPR


As proud Canadians, we're thrilled to launch Retreatify in the province we call home - Ontario, with more to come down the road. 

Drop us a line anytime with questions or suggestions at We value your feedback.


Enjoy your stay, 


Nir Zahavi                         Ron Zahavi

Co-Founder & CEO         Co-Founder & COO


Written by Nir Zahavi

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